Massage Education & Professional Background


Northwestern Health Sciences University

Northwestern Health Sciences University is a leader in natural healthcare education and is the only HLC-accredited school with a COMTA-accredited massage therapy program in the state of Minnesota. Higher Learning Commission (HLC)-approved schools must meet rigorous institutional standards. COMTA (Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation)-accredited schools are recognized for high-quality programs. It has a rigorous, science-based curriculum; varied clinical experiences where critical-thinking skills are coupled with valuable hands-on experience in public clinics, rehabilitation centers and hospital settings; an integrative approach to patient care working alongside chiropractors, acupuncturists, medical doctors and nurses. 

Amy earned an (A.A.S.) Associate of Applied Science in Massage Therapy from Northwestern Health Sciences University. Her time there was an excellent foundation for understanding soft tissue and to know what to do with it! Previously having earned a Bachelor of Arts and working in the professional world, this career shift embraces many of her natural gifts, interest in overall wellness with a desire for life changing impact through an evidence based practice. 

In addition to the rigorous massage program she was selected for the prestigious internship at Abbott Northwestern Hospital through the Penny George Institute, did clinical rotations in a wide variety of settings including a free clinic in Costa Rica and designed a successful case study combining massage therapy & Foot Reflexology on a woman with hypertension.

A favorite course was "Special Populations" which revealed the role that massage therapy can play in a host of unique medical conditions. What made the most profound impact, however, was seeing a cadaver dissection where the texture and lines of fascia illuminated her perspective beyond any previous images or experiences of building muscles with clay. 

Since then, Amy has continued her education in innumerable ways including Orthopedic Massage Therapy & Massage for Professional Musicians through the Swedish Institute in New York City. 

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Arts, University of St. Thomas
    • Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society
    • Study abroad, Angelicum in Rome 
    • Every choir on campus! ....7days a week :) :) 
  • Certificate & Associate Degree in Massage Therapy, Northwestern Health Sciences University
    • COMPTA Accredited Clinical Massage Therapy Program 
    • Mariposa Intigrative Free Clinic, Costa Rica
    • Student Senate, Class Ambassador, Graduation Speaker 

Professional Massage Background

  • Southwest Chiropractic with Dr. Stude (Eden Prairie) 
  • Grand Ave with Mindy Geraetz (St. Paul)
  • Cole’s Salon & Spa (Burnsville) 
  • Ivy Club Spa (Downtown Minneapolis)

Notable Experiences

Mariposa Integrative Free Clinic, Costa Rica


In addition to a variety of Twin Cities clinic rotations, including the Pillsbury Integrative Free Clinic, Amy spent time doing massage therapy on Costa Ricans at a free clinic outside of San Jose. This experience significantly illuminated her perspective on soft tissue restructuring.  Given their different diet, lifestyle and approach to healing, she discovered new ways to address manual therapy with these grateful recipients of her work. -- It was also a lot of fun to practice Spanish in a health care setting and work with the teenage translators throughout her time there! :) 

Case Study on Hypertension, Massage & Foot Reflexology


Amy researched, designed then executed a 10 week case study on a woman with hypertension, combining Foot Reflexology & massage therapy. The results were incredible in and of themselves but the experience revealed to her a much greater role for these kinds of complimentary modalities in health care. -- This is not surprising since it was inspired by how effective Foot Reflexology was on hospital patients struggling with constipation, stress & physical pain.  

Penny George Institute, Hospital Internship


Amy was chosen for the prestigious 15 week internship at Abbott Northwestern Hospital through the Penny George Institute, an integrative care program where doctors' refer patients to complimentary therapies for pain, nausea & stress management. Amy used a combination of massage therapy & Foot Reflexology on patients and was able to shadow acupuncturists, other massage therapists & a music therapist in every department of the hospital. The potential for, and limitations of, our current health care models were illuminating. 

Performing Artist Massage


Performers are athletes who use their bodies as instruments in specific & repetitive ways. A great lover of, and participant in, the performing arts, Amy has studied how to uniquely care for professional musicians, singers, dancers, conductors & other performers. She is endorsed by the MN Opera & works with traveling musicians who grace our Twin Cities with their talent. 

Chiropractor Clinic


Over five years of working with an extremely skilled chiropractor, Dr. Stude at Southwest Chiropractic, gave Amy an ideal foundation in the massage therapy industry. Clients ranged from elite athletes to children & seniors all in different stages of life and health. Amy designed sessions for those who need intense care after accidents, before/after surgeries, and in conjunction with other therapy modalities

Spa Massage Therapy


Everyone deserves massage that is both healing & conscious of the entire experience. Admits her strong clinical foundation, Amy absolutely loves the nurturing aspect of bodywork and the role that true relaxation can play in the body's healing faculties. Receiving incredible spa treatments from around the world, and now working in luxury spa environments, has illuminated the subtle nuances that create a rejuvenating adventure.