Welcome New Clients!


Let's Discuss Working Together...

All new clients have a complimentary 10-20 min phone consultation prior to their first appointment. We will discuss the client's physical health goals and determine if  Beautiful Life Bodywork is a good fit. If so, a session length recommendation will be made which will be customized from there. 

You can schedule this as a free appointment through the online calendar or contact me directly, whichever you prefer. :) 

Feel free to call/email directly:    612-440-7189      Amy@BeautifulLifeBodywork.com 

Client Appointments ~ Scheduling & Management


Massage Therapy Sessions

Restore unhealthy tissue to its ideal disposition through a combination of nurturing bodywork therapies. Customized sessions for each client's evolving goals to address one to several key areas of tension in the soft tissues structures including connective tissue below the surface. 

  • Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage
  • Fascial Release (Deep Tissue)
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Orthopedic Massage
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Performing Artist Massage

Deep tissue layering is done within the client's optimal tolerance to stimulate the body’s own healing systems. This kind of restructuring will function as a resetting of the trajectory of the soft tissue memory patterns and, ideally, continue to unwind in this healthier direction even after the session.

80min, 110min & 140min Massage Therapy Sessions & Prices:

Each appointment is transparent in what it includes and the total financial investment. You can expect an intake consultation, a strategic plan for that session and a hands on bodywork portion. 

  • 80min (60-65mins of hands on bodywork) $103
  • 110min (90-95mins of hands on bodywork) $146
  • 140min (120-125mins of hands on bodywork) $189

This is a Non-gratuity practice and sales tax is included ~ prices listed are the total service cost

Child & Teen Sessions & Prices:

We only have one body. Whether your child/teen is a musician, athlete, academic achiever or struggling with anxiety, massage can be a valuable tool to leading a healthier life. Each session is a combination of therapeutic & relaxation techniques, customized for each client. These sessions are done partially clothed, with a parent present in the room. 

Child Massage:

  •  40min Session (20-25mins of hands on bodywork) 
  • A gentle massage designed for children ages 4 through 12yrs old, helping prevent a lifetime of chronic pain & poor habits. 
  • $38 (Non-gratuity practice; TAX INCLUDED)

Teen Massage:

  • 65min Session (40-45mins of hands on bodywork)
  • $68 (Non-gratuity practice; TAX INCLUDED)
  • A massage session designed for teenagers (ages 13 through 17yrs old) who do not need a full hour of hands ons work. 

~ Cancelation Policy ~

While emergencies do arise, you hold a valuable spot in the schedule. Please make cancelations 24hrs or more in advance of the chosen appointment. 

If you must cancel within 24hrs, there will be a fee for this convenience. 

Modifications can be done online or by contacting Amy directly. 

Thank you for keeping the schedule flowing!