Why I Put Together This List

I am regularly asked about specific kinds of products.

It can be difficult to tell what is what in this world of seemingly countless options...

I have done my homework and am happy to share my suggestions with you!

Comphy Products specialty comforter holiday gifts luxury cloud soft sheets baby sheets crib linens

Luxury Linens & Products

This company shares the values that I do for quality, comfort, practicality, and environmental consciousness. They are a wonderful extension of the brand I have for my bodywork as they provide an excellent product line. Since many of my clients dream about these beautiful sheets, they can now be purchased through me!

My Curated Product Recommendations

MELT Fascial Release System

MELT Method Self-Treatment self care foam roller fascial release balls Chronic Pain Aging healthy

These fascial release balls & foam roller are excellent for the slow a layering into the soft tissue mirrors my massage work itself. 

It is easy and a wonderful self care method! Explore the different set options, training DVDs & books by Sue Hitzmann 

Foam Roller for Chest Openers

j/fit High Density Smooth EVA Roller  foam roller Pilates, balance, body rolling Durable versatile

This is the best foam roller that I have found for passive chest openers. The full length supports the entire head/spine, opposed to short ones that cut the spine at a harsh angel. This has a moderate density to provide the right amount of stretch for those "snow angel" like movements. 

Orderless Pain Relief Cream

 relief of muscular pain, inflammation, sports injuries and bruising Heel Traumeel Ointment

Traumeel is my favorite topical pain relief: 

Orderless, so it can be used in confined spaces. The arnica oil is an anti- inflammatory, so it is productive. It absorbs quickly like a lotion & is not sticky like gels. You forget that you used it but it takes the edge off temporary pain!

Recommendations for Massage Therapists

Infrared Light Mat

Healing infrared therapy mat (PEMF) NEGATIVE IONS  Amethyst Jade Tourmaline Deep FIR Heat Therapy

Heating pad alternative: 

Infrared light therapy has various health benefits but for the purposes of my work on the table, it relaxes the client & softens the tissue far beyond a dry heat pad. 

More effective than hot stones and hot towels with no set up/clean up. Amethyst, jade & tourmaline warm up to evenly distribute the infrared heat therapy. 

I appreciate the high quality of this one for the price (compared to twice this cost for a similar product).  

Sit to Stand Desk/Massage Stool

Learniture Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool, Gray,  gas lift adjusts the seat height encourag

Ergonomics really matter.

Curved & weighted adjustable stool with a  wide range of motion that encourages proper posture while strengthening core muscles. 

It is rather awesome to MOVE around while sitting at a desk (similar to an exercise ball) and be able to lean into postures with clients on the massage table. 

This can also be used in a standing desk posture as it leans with a weighted bottom. 

Oakworks Bioance Face Cushion

Oakworks Boiance Face Cushion Water spheres and multi-layer padding face rest
Water spheres buoyancy

This water spheres & multi-layer padding face rest is definitely a couple steps up from the standard.  

We work on clients who already have pain, it is our responsibility to provide the most comfortable postures while they on our table. 

  • Less pressure on the sinuses than foam face cushions
  • Water spheres offer a sense of buoyancy
  • Multi layer padding for comfortable support