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Where We Stand and Where We Are Going

During this time of the COVID19 closure, my practice has remained at the forefront of my mind. Here a few words about the new programs, re-opening, safety going forward and self care that you can do in the meantime. Stay healthy and I look forward to working with you again. 

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Release Muscle Tension with Laughter

Studies show that laughter keeps us healthy. Talk about a return on your investment! Laughter boots your immune system by increasing antibodies, T cells & neuropeptides that influence immune activation. Laughter can also reduce muscle pain by producing endorphins that create an opiate effect. The deeper breath stimulates organs & the circulation can relax muscle.

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Meditation for Breath & Muscle Relaxation

This meditation was created to connect the physical state that we are in during a massage with the experience of daily life, simply through our breath. This exercise reminds the body of its ideal physical form & function. This particular relaxation method is simple & can be done anytime!

Client Experience

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Customized Sessions

Innovative & Luxurious Sheets

Innovative & Luxurious Sheets

The entire client experience is considered at Beautiful Life Bodywork...

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Innovative & Luxurious Sheets

Innovative & Luxurious Sheets

Innovative & Luxurious Sheets

These sheets have a signature softness with a crisp coolness - transporting you to a different mode the moment you climb in...

Infrared light heating pad therapy treatment amethyst tourmaline stone

Infrared Light Therapy

Innovative & Luxurious Sheets

Infrared Light Therapy

Take advantage of the many therapeutic and relaxation benefits of an infrared therapy mat...

About Amy Abigail Sirivie


Massage Philosophy

Clients describe my therapeutic work as relaxing, slow, thorough, strategic, and intuitive.

Layering relaxation techniques into rigorous restructuring of the soft tissue requires developed intuition as much as clinical techniques. Clients receive a beautiful combination of these skills which stimulates the body's natural healing systems, restoring the tissue its healthy disposition. Each client receives a customized session to address where their body is that day, within the long term physical goals that they hold.


Massage Therapy Education

Previously having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, Amy later earned an Associate of Applied Science in Massage Therapy from Northwestern Health Sciences University.


Notable Experiences

Hospital Internship & Clinic Rotations; Case Study on Hypertension; Mariposa Integrative Free Clinic in Costa Rica; Luxury Spa & Chiropractic Clinic Professional Settings 


60min, 90min & 120min, Child & Teen Sessions Massage Therapy Sessions

Restore unhealthy tissue to its ideal disposition through a combination of nurturing bodywork therapies. Customized sessions for each client's evolving goals to address one to several key areas of tension in the soft tissues structures including connective tissue below the surface. Every session potentially includes:

  • Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage
  • Fascial Release (Deep Tissue)
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Orthopedic Massage
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Performing Artist Massage

Deep tissue layering is done within the client's optimal tolerance to stimulate the body’s own healing systems. This kind of restructuring will function as a resetting of the trajectory of the soft tissue memory patterns and, ideally, continue to unwind in this healthier direction even after the session. 

My Clients, My Work

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