What to Expect for Your Investment

Knowing How Your Experience is Designed

It can be difficult to tell in the massage industry what you are truly getting for the price. This is why I have designed my sessions to be transparent in how the time is used and the bottom line for the cost. 

Every session contains an intake period to discuss symptoms, goals & changes since the last session. (i.e. 80min session with 60-65mins of hands on work) The hands on time is designed in a way that will will best serve the client goals. This will draw upon the entire spectrum of my skills without charging additionally for deeper work, pregnancy, or other special skills. 

This is a non-gratuity practice and my session fee includes sales tax, so the price is the final payment amount. While the financial investment is important, of course, it should not be the focus or a concern at any juncture. You can even pay in advance online if you would like to just enjoy the bodywork on the session day! 

Every potential new client will have a complementary phone consultation to determine if Beautiful Life Bodywork is a good fit for their therapeutic goals. Once you become a client, there is an online booking page that can be accessed through a login. 

You can see more about my specific services and skills on the home page. 

Below is some information about the products I have invested in for your enhanced experience. This includes the very special Comphy brand sheets and my beloved infrared light therapy mat. 

What to not expect...essential oils, healing stones & incense each have their place but are not part of the experience at Beautiful Life Bodywork. 

clean beautiful massage treatment space fabric canopy Comphy linens plush blanket

The Treatment Space

Massage treatment room Saint Paul Minneapolis best deep tissue massage myofascial release relaxation


Nestled beautifully in the center of the Twin Cities. Once determined that we are good professional fit, the address and specifics will be discussed. 

Massage Room Mural

It turns out that "painting oil onto clients soft tissue" has grown into a love for actual painting! The artist loft space is filled with beautiful murals, vaulted ceilings and gorgeous natural light that will hopefully enhance your overall experience. (The treatment room is, rather perfectly, windowless with soft lighting) Amy is surprised that she never painted before now actually! 

Boiance face cradle pillow memory foam fluid filled balls comfortable face cradle sinus pressure
You can feel the difference

Thoughtful Choices

From amazing luxury sheets & a comfortable face cradle cover to infrared light therapy! 

See below for two wonderful enhancements that have been invested in for your additional benefit. 


Sheets at Beautiful Life Bodywork


This linen company is proud to be the leading provider of massage linens to the spa world, and now the benefits of our luxurious fabrics are available for your home. These products were developed specifically for spa and offer the best in durability, sustainability, design and quality. In addition, they are known for excellent customized service. Most importantly, these linens live up to their name. The indescribably soft feel of the high-performance, superior quality microfiber is comparable to 600 thread count sheets.


The bedding took a lot of time and hard work to develop. Founder Mia Richardson, a spa director at the time, decided to make it her life's mission to develop the most innovative luxury linens imaginable for the spa industry. She spent years doing research and development to get the quality just right, and in no time they became the leading spa linen in the world. But to get the same quality for home linens, which spa guests began requesting adamantly, even further research was required to keep the fabric's signature softness in much larger sheet dimensions. Thankfully, success was achieved. We are committed to always setting the bar higher for excellence. While others imitate, we innovate.


Navigating the world of sustainable linens can be as multi-layered as a fully-dressed bed. There are many factors to consider when you're trying to make the smarter choice. Not only do we understand this, we've made it a priority in everything we do.

Eco-friendly reasons to choose us:

  • Our linens use less energy than any alternative. They're lighter than cotton, therefore they dry faster.
  • Our linens are recyclable.
  • Our linens last 2-3 times longer than a standard cotton sheet. Replacing your sheets less frequently significantly adds to sustainability.
  • Our linens are wrinkle free. You'll use less energy from pressing equipment.


We engaged a research firm to study the sleep habits and patterns of test participants, and results show people sleep two hours longer, fall asleep faster and wake up less frequently when sleeping on our sheets. We spend a third of our lives in bed--so spend it well.


This company shares the values that I do for quality, comfort, practicality, and environmental consciousness. They are a wonderful extension of the brand I have for my bodywork as they provide an excellent product line!  

Since many of my clients dream about these beautiful sheets, they can now be purchased through me as a retailer! 

Infrared Light Mat, Heat Therapy

Infrared light therapy mat for massage table amethyst jade tourmaline stones anti-inflammatory

Why Use Infrared Light In a Massage Session?

Infrared is a wavelength of light much like ultraviolet which cannot be seen by the human eyes. This vibratory light activates cells, warms the soft tissue from the inside and stimulates the body’s own natural immune response. This has a relaxing impact on both the mind & body in some essential ways.  

Traditional heating pads are a dry heat, which has the most superficial impact on soft tissue after moist heat therapy. Dry heat can have some relaxation benefit but typically people just feel a superficial the warmth on their skin. Infrared light waves travel deeper into the soft tissue, 4-8 inches into the body, and thus facilitate the best disposition for more profound bodywork

How Infrared Light Impacts Inflammation

Acute Inflammation is a biological response of vascular tissues to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants. It is achieved by the increased movement of plasma and leukocytes (especially granulocytes) from the blood into the injured tissues. Without inflammation, wounds and infections would never heal. 


Chronic inflammation leads to a progressive shift in the type of cells present at the site of inflammation and is characterized by the body simultaneously cannibalizing healthy tissue while repairing unhealthy tissue. Essentially, prolonged inflammation stops being helpful to the body and arguably causes more trouble than it does good. We continually discover how serious illnesses are linked to chronic inflammation so it is worthwhile to pay attention to it.  

When infrared light is applied to areas of inflammation, increased blow flow rush nutrients and hydration into the soft tissue enabling it to heal more quickly. By reducing the amount of time that the body remains in an inflammation mode, it limits the chance of chronic inflammation from setting in. Since it also softens the tissue structures, they become more pliable for the bodywork and deeper work can be accomplished thus flushing more congestion from the soft tissue. 

Amethyst, Jade & Tourmaline

More effective than standard "river rock hot stones" and hot towel treatments,  amethyst, jade & tourmaline warm up to evenly distribute the infrared heat therapy. Soothing as it raises the basal body temperature instead of just heating up the skin!