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French Lavender Festival ~ Give Away!

I went to the south of France just in time for the Lavender Festival in Provence! (They are kinda known for it there -- it is the biggest lavender festival in the world!)  

This was a great opportunity to bring back REAL LAVENDER. Grown for its essential oils, true lavender is put through a series of hoops, and held to very strict standards to win the coveted French official stamp of approval, the Appellation d’Origine Controllee. 

Lavender Cocktail!

The Blue Bird in Paris not only serves the best cocktails, it has the best local experience...  Recommended to me by a local, I was surrounded by locals  -- with excellent taste nonetheless! Just one of the gang, I enjoyed the superb styling of the drinks and fun conversation in this warm and chic cocktail bar.   

Without me even mentioning the lavender festival, 3 hours from Paris, they added lavender to this passion fruit cocktail -- which made ALL the difference!