Referral Fall Promotion - Through Thanksgiving

The lavender prize will be chosen from everyone who has been referred to my practice, ever, and everyone who has referred anyone to me - from the start of my practice through this Thanksgiving. 

I already have a generous referral program so this is just another added “thank you” and incentive through Thanksgiving Weekend. 

Real French Lavender Giveaway!

Lavender Drawing Winner!

french lavender, massage therapist promotions, provenence france, thank you gift clients

Find Out Who Won...and How You Still May! (hint: Referrals, Referrals, Referrals) :) :) 

Lavender Festival Promotion

french lavender festival in provence, massage give away, saint paul massage, minneapolis massage

Real French Lavender Festival, Provence France ~ Social Media Give Away Promotion!

Local Fair, Lavender Cocktail

Lavender Cocktail, Paris drinks, meeting locals, Cheers in Paris

Without mentioning the lavender festival, 3 hours from Paris, lavender added to this passion fruit cocktail made ALL the difference!